50 Shoeboxes Packed!

Thank you again to everyone who donated items or cash for this year's Operation Christmas Child project. Our Sunday School kids and staff packed 50 boxes during our packing party Nov. 5th. Although our numbers of finished boxes were down a little from the year before, we emphasized quality and making sure the boxes were really well packed with school supplies, personal hygiene products and toys, since the price of shipping increased this year. They were asked to pack a box for a boy or girl of their age.
Before we began packing, I mentioned to the kids that teenage boys are the least likely to receive shoebox gifts.  I was really pleased that the kids took to this to heart. In the end, we packed more shoeboxes for teens than in the past, especially teen boys. Here's the breakdown:  
3 boxes for ages 2-4
13 boxes for ages 5-9
7 boxes for ages 10-14
3 boxes for ages 2-4
11 boxes for ages 5-9
13 boxes for ages 10-14
We look forward to hearing where the boxes are shipped to, and invite you to pray for the children who will receive them, that the Holy Spirit will work in their lives.
Chris Boshoven