A Brief Explanation of 30 Minute Church

Since 30 minute church is gaining notice on Social media I'm posting this here for the curious...
The Lord be with you... I am the Pastor at Trinity Memorial Lutheran Church. Let me explain what 30 minute church is REALLY all about...
A. We have NOT REPLACED traditional worship... we STILL have traditional services. It is not going away. All we have done is create an ADDITIONAL abbreviated service for Sunday evenings.
We were very intentional when we created 30 minute 'church' that it would NOT be called 30 minute 'worship'. This is not "Worship Lite"... B. We believe that God's word is transformational and able to change lives... But the word needs to reach people first. Yes... on the surface this seems like 'low commitment' which is attractive to many disconnected Christians. But in reconnecting to the Word, a whole new depth of relationship is fostering a commitment to living a life of faith. Those who have attended have expressed gratitude and excitement because they have been connected with God's word in a relational way.
The thing is... no one has left this gathering feeling shortchanged. or feeling as if our time was rushed. I'm optimistic its going to catch on. Especially as those who attend bring their un-churched friends or family into basically a 'house church' experience. We see this serving two groups... Those currently churched people who looking for a more personal connection to "church" than is commonly experienced in the institutional setting... And those who are disenfranchised from traditional church experience and are looking for some kind of reconnection.
So far we have had a lot of fun. And by that I don't mean entertaining... I mean it was a filling and meaningful time together.